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May 16th, 2005

10:05 pm
I probably shouldn't be updating right now, based on my mood but I have to get this down.

I am absolutely devastated. That might sound melodramatic or exaggerated but I have never felt so betrayed, let down, and unsure of myself all at once.

I woke up at 6am today to see if Heather wrote me back about the job in DC. OF COURSE, nothing. So I continue to refresh my email until 10 and just decided to fuck it and email her AGAIN. I said that I was concerned I hadn't heard from her but I wanted to know if I needed to drive out there, but to not feel bad if they hired someone else, but to PLEASE let me know (i'm upset, but I made the email sound nicer than that). So I get a response like 5 fucking minutes later saying that they DID find another candidate who had experience. She then tells me that she has been trying to find me other jobs in the company, but it's hard without experience. And she also wanted to be upfront with me, and tell me that $35,000 right out of college in a government contracting company is just way too high.

Here is why I am so upset. First of all, SHE STRAIGHT UP TOLD ME that they hire people RIGHT out of college. And second, when her coworker FIRST called me a few weeks back her EXACT words were "We have your resume and salary requirements and those are fine." WHAT THE FUCK. It gets worse.

I never actually talked to my dad, but I told my mom to tell him NOT to email her. I know he knows her personally but I just thought he'd put her in a hard position. I drove home today because I didn't want to be alone in my apartment and the second my dad walks in the door he said "go read the email Heather wrote me." So i'm thinking that she just wrote him back (yes he wrote her on Friday too, again after I told him NOT to, because I hadn't heard from her).

And what did the bitch say?? Well first of all, my dad wrote her saying that I was upset that I hadn't heard from her after she told me she'd call me on Thursday, TWO TIMES, after our interview. The rest was nice I guess, just thanking her again for meeting with me. And OF COURSE my dad didn't fail to mention that I went out there on my own dime. Her response? In a nutshell, she fucking emailed my dad back saying that they had another candidate come in on Friday, so she didn't want to call me on Thursday until she met with him/her. She said that she also takes her teams consideration into account before hiring someone, and they all picked the other person. She ALSO said that she thought I was already living there and didn't know I flew out. And lastly, that this person was willing to work for $30,000, less than I would.

RAGE. Once again, she lies. She KNEW I flew out there JUST for the interview. In the beginning of our interview when it was me and one of her colleagues, I had mentioned that I thought I was extremely motivated. Her response: Well of course, you got on a plane the day after I asked you if you could be here, and made it happen! Also...right before I left, when she told me FOR THE SECOND TIME that she'd call me, I said that my flight left at 3:30 so i'd be around most of the day. LIAR??? yes. The salary bullshit really pisses me off too. Her fucking other colleague told me it would be ok, but Heather and I didn't even DISCUSS the salary!!!! I always find that part of the interview awkward so I figured we'd discuss it when she called me on Thursday.

She also told my dad that she didn't call me Thursday OR Friday because she wanted to make sure this candidate actually got the job before breaking the news to me. That is such bullshit. I wrote her on Friday after not hearing anything and I said PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE OTHER CANDIDATES AND THAT IS FINE. She told him that this was how she always handled situations like this in her HR career. Sounds fucking fucked up to me.

Why does God hate me? I mean seriously? Yea I don't have the world's most valuable degree but give me a fucking break.

I can't get mad at my friends or family for rooting for me and telling me they knew i'd have this job. Because I almost would have bet my LIFE I had the job . I finally thought after sending my 700 resumes out in the past few months, I caught a break. Guess I was wrong.

It is very hard for me to sit here and have the motivation to continue to apply for jobs. I still feel so betrayed by this bitch and it makes it hard to not want to just curl up and die.

Nothing anyone says has made me feel better at all. I know no one knows what to say, but I keep getting the "it will all work out for you" response and it's getting under my skin. That's what everyone told me about THIS job...and look where I am.

My next dilemma...I have to get out of this state. I honestly do. I lost my job, i'll get kicked out of my apartment in a month, and I CAN'T move home. Only problem...I don't have enough money to go to DC and support myself for the summer without a job. I know I can always fall back on a shitty job but what if I hate it? My parents are totally against this decision. And they can pretty much stop me, because I would be takin THEIR car. They both think it's irrational to go to a place without a job first. But they don't understand that 99% of the time, companies will not consider interviewing you unless you are IN the city in which the job is located.

So what do I do? Hop on a greyhound with as much of my shit as I can carry and head to DC? What about Cotter? Why the hell are my parents so stupid about this?

I have never felt more like running away from everything than I do now. I want to say fuck it all but unfortunately I don't have the resources to my advantage.

I hate my life.

I know it's stupid of me to think I won't bounce back from this stupid situation. It's just probably the most rejection i've felt in a long time and it's a new wave of depression i've never felt. Thinking about doing poorly on a test or obsessing over a guy who didn't like me almost seems laughable compared to how i'm feeling. I need to get the fuck out of this state, and that is all i'm sure of.
Current Mood: pessimisticpessimistic

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May 15th, 2005

07:05 pm
OMG I HATE WHEN ENTRIES SOME HOW GET ERASED. I am forcing myself to write this again because I am lame.

OK....soooo I went to DC this past week to interview for an HR job with a government contracting company. I finally got a hold of Heather...the head of the department, and the wife of a guy who my dad works with...on Monday. She asked if i'd be available to interview on Wednesday at 11am, so the next day I was on my way out there. Wow I swear a 2nd grader wrote those sentences.

I loved being back there. It's been 4 years and 4 years too long. I have no real reason to go out there...all of my friends and I have lose touch (for the most part) and it would be weird to visit I think. But after Jennifer's persuasion to rent a car (YES I dragged her with me half way across the US for 2 days), we went exploring. We went to our old neighborhoods and it was just soooo nice. I love the area, the lush trees, the people, the DIVERSITY, everything. I just felt at home. It was kind of sad to think about not goin to to new york but I have made a promise to myself to go there within the next 5 years. I just think it would be too hard with like NO money saved up, and no job.

So the interview was in Old Town Alexandria, which was soo nice. I guess the building is for shit though and the office is moving to Clarendon street in Rosslyn, which is suppose to be growing and really nice with all these bars, shops, restaurants and I guess offices. They both are nice so I wouldn't mind either.

I met with Heather and one of her colleagues first, and I thought it went really well. She told me a lot about the job and every question I answered, I swear her or the guy was like "Yea...we really need people like that!" She then talked about the rest of the staff, and how some of them were right from college, but some had a few years experience (at least for the job I was applying for). She then said to me, "Yea, we LIKE to hire people straight out of college" WINK...wtf? I so thought that was an in...
...So I met with the girl whose position i'd be taking over, and another one of Heathers colleagues. They both were real nice, we talked about food a lot, and after I left Denise (whose job i'd be taking over) walked me to my car. She told me that i'd love working with this team, but she got another position within the company and took it. They all just kept talking to me like I had the job...like Denise would say "You'll LOVE them, and you'd fit in" and all that shit.

Am I just stupid? Do I think things go WAAAY better than they actually do?!?!

So what's my deal? Heather told me TWICE that she'd call me on Thursday to talk about the job. I swear I checked to make sure my phone was on and ringing 300 times...but I heard nothing. I got home around 9pm and still nothing. My dad told me to email her that night and just thank her for meeting with me and said that I would love to work with her company, but if I needed to look beyond them, to let me know. A very nice email (yes he wrote it for me). I thought they'd call me Friday morning, because they didn't on Thursday, so I waited. And waited. I finally sent it at like 10 here and I swear, refreshed my email 5000000 times by 4pm, 6pm there. And NOTHING. WTF? My dad told me that since all those bases were closing and a couple thousand people are going to be out of jobs, they might be really busy. But still...don't leave me hanging:(

Heather also explained to me that there are a few days in every month where they can be SO busy that sitting at their desk to talk on the phone or write an email is not possible. I hope thats what happened:(

She still has my email so hopefully tomorrow morning she will get back to me. I swear I'm waking up at like 6am to check it...But what do I do if I still hear nothing????? Or what do I do if I don't have this job? The majority of my shit is already in Motown (i'd be leaving from there...my mom would be driving with me, yes 27 hours is too much to do alone).

Uncertainty is a bitch.
Current Mood: anxiousanxious

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April 15th, 2005

02:07 pm
Hi Ashley,
My pleasure!
I will have one of my staff contact you to discuss having you join Stanley
after May 6th.
Look forward to meeting you.

Too bad this is an email from someone in DC and not in NY. The job is in Alexandria...damnit I really need to decide what I need to do. I have made a list of pros and cons and since i'm incredibly bored at work, I will share.

DC: Pros: I'd have a job asap, cheaper housing, more familiar with the area, more pay, reliable company, it's a 5 hour train ride to NY if I need to get there in the future, experience is experience
Cons: It's not NY, I would probably have to have a car (I DON'T want a car, I don't want to pay for gas or insurance), I'd feel like somewhat of a failure regarding the fact that my dad got me the job, it's not NY

What to do. I can't believe we graduate in 3 weeks from today...that is fucking insane.

I had so much fun last night, maybe too much fun. After going to Pearl, I decided to stay with Nate and his 5 roommates who were dancing outside to an 80s music mix. I saw a poster of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and immediately began singing, "I want candy!" and then listened to Nate recite a few episodes which crakced me up. I think it's good when a guy has that sort of sense of humor...it just brought me back to watching Jennifer dance like meat wad. Wow I had a lot to drink, and I am feeling it now. I ain't gettin in to what happened but let's just say Nate is probably one of the most respectable guys i've ever met. And I sooo took the walk of shame this morning. He lives on 14 and Broadway, but my car was on 20th and Broadway. I left while trying to not wake him up because I knew he'd offer me a ride...which he did but I just ran out before he could've gotten the chance to get up. I so walked the 6 blocks with my contacts still in and super dry, hair allll over the place, and slut clothes from the night before. I couldn't believe how many people wait for the buses at 6:30am...and yes I got stares. But I didn't feel well so I just sprinted the rest of the way to my car.

I am hungry now and am craving Jimmy's like a bitch...sooo whoever wants to bring it to me, that would be taste.

I can't believe how much shit I have to do this weekend. No more screwing around until school is over...HA that will happen.

I just need to add one thing. My new boss, who is this supposed computer "guru" (this was told to Willie as to why he got the job, and not him), asked me to help him with a computer thingy he was working on. He needed to copy/paste old text from one template onto a more updated one. So imagine like a W-2 form, that is what it was like. So he had no idea how to do this. I showed him how to highlight text, copy, and paste. He went, "wait, how did you highlight all that text?" I was like, "ummm, you click down on the mouse and draw over it...?" HE HAD NO IDEA. He was like, "ohhh, ok...thanks!" WTF? Who doesn't know how to do that! This bothered me.

I need to eat but I'm so lazy and they shut down the food store next door damnit.
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April 14th, 2005

12:30 am - ...
of COURSE I am awake at 1:30am. I hate my sleep cycle. I go to bed around 12am every night but am usually woken up by my first insane death dream, and have trouble going back to sleep. I have slept about an hour but feel like I haven't slept since Friday.

I really can't get into all of this uncertainty i'm having because it's hard for me to deal with in my head and I think seeing it on the screen will be too hard.

So my dad calls me tonight. I am always extremely hesitant to speak with him because lately, our conversations have usually left me crying after not sticking up for myself about NY. My dad tells me he ran into an old friend in DC (he is there on business this week) who works for a marketing company. I guess he mentioned me to her, and she said she'd hire me in a heart beat. There were a few jobs in mind that she said I could easily apply for and get, and that she wanted to speak with me asap.
OK...Advantages: The pay would be about 45,000 a year. This is about $10,000 more than any job I have found in NY, great benefits, the cost of living is cheaper (minimally), and it's a JOB.
Disadvantages: It's NOT New York. AND my dad got me this job. I mean I KNOW it's all about who you know these days, but I would feel like i'd be letting myself down by taking the easy road, which this is, in my opinion.

So what do I do? Take a job because it's staring me in the face? Or go to New York and duke it out? Before all of this, I told my sisters to get me plane ticket to NY for the Monday after I graduate. I have talked to the people that I met over break and they said they have a few jobs opened up, but I would have to interview again. And if I get one more email saying, "Call us when you are in the City to set up an interview," I will never read another email again.

Current Mood: restlessrestless

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April 3rd, 2005

09:29 pm - I need a colt 45...and not the beer.
Ever have one of those days? I mean REALLY one of those days where it's just impossible to be happy or even remember what it's LIKE to be happy? Yea, my world.

So today was my dad's birthday. I went home to celebrate with him because my mom is in California (still, I won't get started on THAT one though) and my sisters are both out of state. The FIRST conversation we had: WHY don't you have a job!?!? What is wrong with you? Are you that stupid or just extremely lazy? If you ever want to get a job, you better get started!!! OK...maybe I'm exaggerated a bit. But I was pissssed off. Not only have I applied for over 300 jobs (I counted for him), but I've done what I thought I needed to do. He started giving me massive amounts of shit for limiting myself to JUST New York jobs (which isn't true - it's just WHERE most of the PR jobs ARE), and just made me feel so worthless.

I also have Fluffy. As I was putting away laundry, she shat allll over my carpet in the living room. And not regular dog shit. 13-year-old-I-can't-hold-anything-in dog shit. This week will be interesting.

I am so desperate at this point for a job that I really will take one wherever I get it...as long as it's OUT of Colorado. Sad huh, giving up on my dream of moving to New York. It's not out of the question, but who the fuck can move out there, live there without a job, and just look? Like I might have mentioned before, if I was out there for a month, I am almost 100% positive I could find a job. The people I stayed with over break called me yesterday and told me that NYU is opening their dorms to graduates or students...$145 a WEEK with food...that is so cheap. But I would have a roommate, or two, which would be fine, people to explore the city with. But I can't have Cotter, and I don't want to keep going back and forth. They are rented on a weekly basis, which would be nice, but it doesn't start until May 18th. SO I would have 2 weeks to chill here, and possbily set up interviews I guess. I would probably try to keep my job for two weeks after I graduate, and beg for it at that. We'll see. I told my dad this and he FLIPPED out, he told me that it was so stupid to go BACK to NY to find a job, and that I should only go back out there when I actually have one.

I also went to my uncles house for some cake, and the whole extended family was there. They all asked me about NY, jobs, nightmares, etc. I wanted to run outside, and scream while pulling my hair out.

OK I'm going to stop, I thought writing this would make it better but notsomuch.
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March 30th, 2005

01:05 pm - New York...and I wana go back.
I don't quite feel like writing about my trip...because it just makes me sad to be back here. But I will put it in a nutshell.

NYC is the shit and I want to be there now.Collapse )

The trip was to me, a success although I still don't have a job. I ended up seeing a lot of Manhattan, as well as Williamburg (which is a very cute little city). I loved everything about the city, wondering around Chinatown, shopping, all of it.

I just have one...umm well HUGE problem. First of all, if i'm in New York (living there) for AT LEAST a month, I know I won't have a problem finding a job. There is just so much out there, and I just think I wouldn't have much of a problem. But since the cost of living is SO FKN HIGH, I really don't see how I could afford to live there for a month, with no job. The people I stayed with said I could move in with them for the first few weeks or so after I graduate...buuut 1. the LIRR SUUUUCKS and 2. The guy HATES dogs and said I couldn't bring Cotter :(.

I don't know what to do.

I have 2 papers due tomorrow, a speech to give, and a midterm, and i'm really beginning to freak out about school. Next week I have 3 more papers due, one paper due the following week, and 2 the next week. The last week of school, I have a 20 page semester paper due, as well as a final. THEN finals week begin. Please shoot me now...when am I going to find time to get all this shit done? I hate when teachers make you write a final paper and take a final. I hate school.

9 days of classes left.

OK Maybe this wasn't so short...:)
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March 14th, 2005

02:00 pm
ah. I just want the day to END. I only worked THREE hours last week (yes, THREE) so it's like draining to actually come in for the full day. And it's always so hard to walk to work when its snowing outside, and cold, and Cotter is just sitting there in his cute shirt all warm and snuggly. I am not complaining though, we have not had snow since the end of January, minus a few sprinkles in February. I like my winters. As much as I enjoy 70 degree weekends in early March, I know they will soon be spoiled by snow.

On a brighter note, I GOT AN INTERVIEW FOR NEXT WEEK. Oh HELL yes. Sending out resumes daily has finally paid off. It's for an advertising firm, I would be working for the 5 CEOs and corresponding with the London office. Maybe I can go there too, that would be sweet. I am not getting ahead of myself though. I'm soooooooo nervous because I think I SUCK at interviews, especially with women. But luckily the guy who called me back was a male named Alan and he said I would be meeting with him so that will be sweet. I'm still nervous though. They should offer like a free 2-week course on interviewing skills. Ha they probably do because I feel like sometimes CU is on top of the ball with shit like that. We are just scandalous.

I am finally feeling better too. I love how my parents have an array of antibiotics and I just diagnose myself with what I have. I feel like I have gotten sick enough to know through my symptoms that I have a certain illness. Fuck being sick. FUCK it. I hate it. When I was in bed in Friday, I couldn't remember what it was like to feel good again. That is never a good sign. I also went on a run last night with Travers at um, 9pm. I don't know what got into me because this really isn't like me. I just felt so weak from being sick and I felt like I needed to get that good old heart rate up. So this morning I wake up with a nasty cough from inhaling all that nasty cold air. The run was good, but hard...I usually breathe out of my nose, but since my nose was running because of the cold air, it was hard. Which lead to breathing in and out of my mouth which leads to cramps. No fun. I enjoyed it though but would have rather gone at like 5pm not 9pm.

OK 1.5 more hours...I can't believe spring break is already next week. Shoot me now.
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March 4th, 2005

01:42 pm - sleepy and bored.
I can't decide whether or not I'd rather be bored at work or stay busy. I feel like I've been staying busy but then i'm like WTF it's only 1:45 and I have 2 more hours of this shit to do? Fuuuuck that.

I'm realllly tired and just a little hungover. I didn't even get home until 5am last night and I had to be at work at 10 (yes 10-4 is my new Friday schedule). I slept the latest I possibly could this morning so I didn't have time to eat breakfast or make a lunch, not that I had any food to make anyways.

As much as I enjoy drinking, I really need to behave myself a little better. I mean why was I convincing Jen to stalk Craig with me THE WHOLE NIGHT? I don't even really like Craig, I mean I like him for some reasons but I don't like him. And the more I think about the night, the more I recall odd shit happening. Like when we left foolish craigs, I recall Jen saying that Craig was making out with a girl. I remembering looking but it was dark so I didn't see anything. I also looked through my pictures. WHY I did this is beyond me, but I got Jen to take 2 pictures of me trying to lick my boobs and one of my crtoch. WTF? I need to stop drinking so much. I tell this to myself every Thursday morning as I truck it to class but i'm always unsuccessful.

Ryan (from work) and this guy he works with named Zac and his wife have invited me to go drunk bowling tonight. As much as I LOVE BOWLING because I am the shit, I really don't know if I can handle that right now. Maybe because I have eaten nothing to absorb the alcohol left in me, but the thought of beer going down just sounds naaasty.

Everyone at work is sick. What the hell, just DON'T come in! Patrick, who works across from me, keeps coughing and NOT covering his mouth. He is a dirty bird anyways but i'm like DUDE I don't need the flu right now. A few other people have come in and its so nasty, when I'm sick I don't like to be around anyone to spread the suckiness.

Ok my eyes can't stay open how will I survive the next 2 hours. Damnit.
Current Mood: hungryhungry

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February 12th, 2005

03:17 am - all these females crawl
Wow. My internet actually works. I haven’t had it for the past 4 days and my TV has been super fuzzy. I’m having the Comcast peeps come out and fix it because this happened a few weeks ago and its basically annoying as shit.

I can’t really sleep…I don’t know why. I am a freak.

Soooo tonight was kind of weird. I got a call from Travis asking me if I would go to Sundance with him on Pearl, and meet up with Dobbs (ex Brandon’s roommate) because they are going to some sign language thing the bar was hosting and Dobbs had invited him, but they didn’t know each other and since I know Dobbs pretty well, he wanted a middleman. So I’m over at Travis’, taking shots of whisky (be proud) and Dobbs shows up to inform us that Thursday night is the night this event takes place. So I’m like OK this is going to be weird…but we all walk to the Rio and get some margaritas anyways, just us three. It was really awkward because Brandon kept being brought up, and Dobbs was really drunk so he was saying stuff to Travis about how Brandon didn’t like him because he saw him as a threat, totally making all of us feel uncomfortable.

So after the Rio we go back to Travis’ house, and Dobbs goes home all wasted. I was a little buzzed but since I took my time drinking it wasn’t hitting me all that bad. And I only had half of my margarita. I can’t believe they mix everclear in that shit…so nasty.

So Travis and I are in his house…and before we left a bunch of people were over there drinking before they went out. I guess Erin was having a party for one of her roommates and I wanted to go because I thought it would be a good time…but I told Travis I didn’t want to drink anymore because it was already 11, and I wanted to drive home safely and stop being such a hypocrite. He said “well then lets just get some booze real quick and just go back to your house and drink.” OK be more blunt. I am totally NOT AT ALL feeling this, I feel like sometimes I try to make myself but it never works out, so I say, “no, lets go to Erin’s!!”

We arrive and it’s a lot of fun, I see a bunch of random ass people I haven’t seen in years. Like DAN, from Jen’s/Jon’s floor freshmen year. He is so scrubby but still so nice. He talked to me for a good half hour about how much he missed freshmen year, how he thought “J-Bupp was the nicest person he’s ever met” even though they have some secrets…haha…but he has a girlfriend and she was there and she kept gazing at us. He told me he WANTED to make her jealous for some reason so to not leave him. WTF? So she comes over and shes kinda bitchy… and leaves, very weird. I guess they have only been dating for 4 months but it’s very odd because you think they’d be married.

The whole time I was also sort of “spying” on Craig. I have hung out with him a few nights this past week and have had a good time…I honestly think because he was sober (as in not high). And I could not BELIEVE how many girls he was around. I swear every time I saw him, he was hanging on a different girl, and they were all gorgeous. He must have hated me because he showed no signs of efforts of game with me.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but my dad works with a guy whose son goes to CU. And he just so happens to have been Brock’s (high school friend) roommate for the past 4 years. My dad gave his dad my number (so lame) and its only because we’re all Jewish and my dad likes keeping the faith. He never called, who would, but he is friends with a lot of the guys I went to high school with so I’m surprised we haven’t crossed paths yet. So Travis and I are talking about him and he nonchalantly mentioned the fact that Mike had called him to chill and he told him we were going to the Sundance. He then says to me, “I so don’t want you to meet that kid, cuz then he’ll just like, want you and shit.” What the hell!? You are NOT MINE to be keeping from anyone, especially someone I kind of wanted to meet. The annoyance is escalating.

I also ran into this girl from my Italian Fairy Tales class at Erin's and we started talking forever about her hair (?) but it was fine with me because Travis was still creeping me out. Like he kept rubbing my back and being all, “I’ll be right back” and just shit like that. So irritating.
Thank GOD Travers and Kyle show up. I end up leaving with them at like 2 after having 4 cups full of water, without saying anything to Travis. I do feel bad just leaving like that but I just want him to get the hint. I wish we could hang out without that question of whether or not we might hook up so hopefully he will get the hint but he is kind of stupid.

Travers was also giving me shit for wanting to leave at 2 (ok that’s LATE to me…) and started saying how I don’t have many weekends left. And I got really sad. I seriously cannot believe how fast these past 4 years have gone by. I had such a great time at this party and realized how much time I wasted with Brandon not being more social. I met a lot of nice peeps (and hot ass guys) and now I have such little time left to continue this. It really sucks and I know I can’t do anything about it now besides live up these next few months because if I don’t, I know I’ll regret it. And I just realized how much I can have fun not being totally wasted (ya think?) like everyone else...it's also kinda funny to make fun of people in your mind. Like all these girls were dancing with each other, looking very slutty...and I just thought to myself "please try harder." Ha, but it was funny.

I really need to go to bed, as I have to wake up in 5 hours for the Comcast peeps to come, not to mention study for my 4 midterms. Damn Holocaust awareness week…you fell in the wrong week of my life big time.

The end.
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February 7th, 2005

02:29 pm
This is kind of a pointless entry but I need to do something to make the next 1.5 hours go by fast.

I actually haven't been that bored today because I have a shit tone of reading to do that I totally blew off the whole weekend.

I have decided I am going to take the GMATs. I kind of thought about it, and I really want to get my MBA within the next 5 years...after working for a company who will hopefully pay for it...but I feel like I will probably have more knowledge relating to school in my head now vs. in 5 years when I decide to go back and get it. I just registered online to take it and its fucking $250!!!!!!!!!! Wasn't the SAT like $50 or some shit??? Thats insane. I should probably prepare myself too.

I also just realized I am totally screwed during Holocaust Awareness Week (3rd week in February...fuck thats 2 weeks...). I have 2 midterms that Thursday and just got an email from my teacher telling us our papers are due a week before our presentations, OH AND that means its due that Thursday as well. Fizuck.

On a brighter note...I GOT MY GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. These should last me for a few months...ok who am I kidding, a few days. I even bought Jen a box of thin mints because I know she loves them because they are the shit and she is the shit.

Cotter is getting better...for some reason I have only gotten about 6-7 hours of sleep each night this weekend but he has been good. He got a refill on his meds and has to go back in 2 weeks to get his urine sampled again...so hope all will be well :)

Ok pointless entry finished.
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